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How to Request an Insurance Quote from EGGRS

How to Request an Insurance Quote from EGGRS

EGGRS makes getting an online quote for insurance easier than ever before. EGGRS created a simple, easy-to-use process that is designed to simplify your decision-making.

Our process is made of 6 easy steps:

  1. Submit your request for coverage
  2. Receive your quotes
  3. Agree to a provider
  4. Complete an online application
  5. Coverage is received
  6. Annual check-ins

What is term life insurance blog | EGGRS

Our Process | EGGRS Life Insurance

Submit your request for coverage

Applying for coverage is quick, easy and it's free - it takes about 15 minutes, start to finish. And our form for online quotes is mobile friendly!

To start receiving quotes from EGGRS for term life insurance, simply request a quote! Our process will filter through all of your insurance options to find one that best fits your needs.

Receive your quotes

The top insurance options will be gathered for you to consider and are received almost instantly after submitting your request. You can expect between 3-8 options, depending on the requested coverage amounts and your state of residence. 

Agree to a provider

Once you have chosen an insurance option that best suits your needs, you will choose a provider

EGGRS works with ten of the largest reputable insurance companies, offering the top insurance coverage options!

  • Corebridge
  • Banner / William Penn
  • Cincinnati Life
  • Lincoln
  • Pacific Life
  • Principal
  • Protective Life
  • Prudential

Complete an online application

After you have selected a provider, you will fill out an application online for that provider. Once you have submitted your online application, someone will reach out to ask if there are any additional questions that need to be answered.

Once your application is in, there are online questionnaires, phone interviews, and/or para-medicals about your health that may be required in addition to our process. You will be contacted via e-mail or phone to setup the additional requirements.

Choosing a Beneficiary

When completing your application for your term life insurance policy, you will be asked to name a beneficiary. This is the person who will get the money from your policy if something were to happen to you. For more information on how to choose a beneficiary, click here!

To download step-by-step instructions, click below!

Download Instructions

Coverage is received

In as quickly as 5 days (20 to 30 business days on average depending on the policy), you will get a notification via email from the insurance carrier that your term insurance coverage has been received and activated.

You will get updates and requests along the way. If an offer is received and everything looks good, the policy will be issued. If it is not what you expect, you can reapply to another company or discuss implications of a rejection.

Please note that your term life insurance coverage will not be activated until payment is received.

Annual check-ins

EGGRS provides annual check-ins to accommodate any changes and to ensure you are safely covered.

Once a year, you will receive current rates for insurance from EGGRS and ask you if there have been any material changes in your life that would require you to re-underwrite.

If anything, ever comes up, EGGRS will be available to help assist you through the process. If you have any questions, you can reach out to us at

Interested in Term Life Insurance?

EGGRS Insurance Solutions is your ideal, uncomplicated process to find term life insurance. Our process is easy and hassle free. To request a quote for term life insurance, click below to get started! 

What kind of life insurance do you need? Learn more about what is term life insurance & term vs whole life insurance!

Interested in convertible term life insurance? Click here!

What are insurance rates looking like in 2023? View 2023 rates here!

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EGGRS Full LogoEGGRS understands the importance of preparing for unexpected changes while keeping your busy schedule in mind, so we have created an efficient process that anyone can follow.

Our ideal, uncomplicated process allows you to do everything online, including requesting life insurance coverage and receiving it within 20-30 business days. Our services include term life insurance, risk differentiating underwriting, request a quote, and free calculators. Contact EGGRS for more information!

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